Weather kit

Anemometer Anemometer

Classic design demonstrates the operating principle of cup anemometers; cup rotation reflects changes in air velocity. Since this extra sensitive model responds to wind velocities as low as 2 mph, a standard electric fan may be
used as the wind source.
Sling Psychrometer Kit Sling Psychrometer Kit

This kit includes a sling psychrometer with wet bulb, wick, and rubber band; and dry bulb thermometers that rotate on a plastic handle.
No mercury filling.
Sling Psychrometer Sling Psychrometer

The sling psychrometer measures dew point and relative humidity. It includes two thermometers, wet bulb wick.
Indoor/Outdoor Giant Round Thermometer Indoor/Outdoor Giant Round Thermometer

Large-display thermometer with 12" diameter is great for classrooms. The large numbers let you read temperatures from a distance. Range: -40° to 140° Fahrenheit outside and -40° to 60° Celsius inside. Includes keyhole slot for simple wall mounting.
Glass Barometer Glass Barometer, Goethe Barometer

Indicates changes in air pressure quickly and accurately. The ball is filled with colored distilled water. Once filled the air trapped inside the ball
is no longer subject to variations in atmospheric pressure. The liquid in the indicator tube, however, remains open to the atmosphere and
is directly affected by atmospheric pressure. When atmospheric pressure rises, the liquid in
the indicator tube is pushed down and an improvement in the weather can be anticipated. When air pressure falls, the greater pressure inside the ball causes the liquid in the indicator tube to rise, indicating that a deterioration in weather (storm) can be expected.
Sizes available for selection (height): 10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 17cm, 20cm, 25cm
Color choices of liquid: red, blue, green
storm glass Storm Glass, FitzRoy Glass
The liquid within the glass is a mixture of several ingredients to predict weather changing. The changes of the texture on the tube can predict the changes of weathersuch as clear/bright, rain/cloudy, froggy, frost, thunderstorm and snow.
Height sizes available for selection: 14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 18cm
Galileo Thermometer Galileo Thermometer

This fascinating and functional instrument was designed in the 16th century by Galileo Galilei, who discovered that as a liquid’s temperature increases, its buoyancy decreases. Each glass sphere is precision crafted, filled, and calibrated within 1/10°F. Accurate within ± 4°F.
Sizes available for selection (height): 15cm, 18cm, 24cm, 28cm, 33cm, 37cm, 40cm, 44cm, 56cm, 60cm
Please mention number and color of ball when placing order.
weather station Weather Station Set
Put Gelileo thermomter and Goethe baromter to form a perfoct wather station excellent to measure temperature and atmospheric pressure and therefore to predict coming storm.
Sizes available for selection (height): 16cm, 25cn, 29cm
Dial Barometer Dial Barometer DB-01
Diameter option: 70mm, 90mm, 108mm,
132mm, 180mm
Color option: blue, gold, yellow
Weather Station Weather Station

Six-function weather meter tells daily and total
rainfall, wind speed and direction, windchill,
and temperature. Mounts on window.
Tru-check Rain Gauge Tru-check Rain Gauge

Measures from 0.01" of rain fall up to 5".
Transparent, all plastic unit have wedge-shaped wall on which an easily read scale is imprinted.
The gauge has inch markings on the front.