Gas, Liquid, Solid

Archimedes Principle Archimedes Principle
Archimedes Principle
Archimede's Apparatus
Overflow Can & Catch Bucket Set
Overflow Can Aluminum with Pour Spout Overflow Can, Clear Plastic with Pour Spout
Magdeburg Hemisphere, Gas
Air Pump for two Purpose use,
Air Thermometer, Bell in Vacuum Jar, Condensers, Leibig, Convection App. Drying tube, Eudiometer, Fermentation Tube, Gas Measuring Tube, Glass Bell Jar, Glass Generating Bottle, Harbottle App. Magdeburg,Hemisphere, Vacuum Pump, Ventri Tube
Condensers, leibig, Liquid
Burette Pinchook Tip, Cartesian Divers,
Condensers, leibig, Convection App.
Floating & Subergence Demo,
Hydraulic Press Demo, Hydrometer (cylinder)Jar
Osmosis, Pascal Ball, Pressure Syringe,
Solid Geometric Block, Thistle tube, Water Trap
Specific Gravity and Density Specific Gravity and Density
Assorted Density Cylinders, Density Block
Equal Mass Cylinder Set, Specific Gravity Bottle Specific Gravity Cylinder Set, Venturi Tube