anatomy Anatomy
Human Joint Model
Human Organ Model
Human Torso Model
Skeleton Model
animal skeleton specimum Animal Skeleton Specimum
Bat Skeleton Specimum
Fish Skeleton Specimum
Frog Skeleton Specimum
Lizard Skeleton Specimum
Pigeon Skeleton Specimum
Snake Skeleton Specimum
Turtle Skeleton Specimum
botanical , biology Botanical
Budget Giant Flower Dicot Model
Dicot Stem Model
Leave Structure Model
Monocot Stem Model
biotechnology Biotechnology
Fixed Volume Micropipette
Pipette Pump
Variable Micropipette

dissecting instruments Dissecting Instruments
Apron, Covers and Cases
Disposable Petri Dish, Dissecting Kits
Dissecting Pan Alum
Dropper, Forceps, Probe
Teasing Needle,  Transfer Pipettes
physiology Physiology
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Blood Pressure Monitor
Clinic Thermometer


Lung Demonstrator
preserved materials Preserved Materials
Animal Specimen Mount
Plant Specimen Mount
Specimen Mount Set
supplemental items Supplemental Items
Apron, Bare Hand Microtome,
Bug Viewer, Centrifuge Machine,
Dropper, Insect Net, Insect Pin,
Inoculating Needle and Loop,
Magnifier, Plastic Vial and Cap,
Pinning Block, "T" Pins, Wood Splints