binoculars DF1015 Binoculars
8X22, 10X25, 12X25 series roof prism
Rubber armored, fashion design, compact size, high quality optics.
Ideal for outdoor activities.
binoculars GH02-101 Binoculars
7X50, 10X50
Fashion Design, medium sized
Ideal for watching sports game
GH02-112 Binoculars
8X40, 7X35
Wide angle, long eye relief
Ideal for watching sports game
Customized color
GH02-128 Binoculars
Wide angle, long eye relief, in-focus
Strong body design. Customized color
binoculars GH02-132 Binoculars
7X50,10X50, 12X50
Camo color rubber, strong design
Rubber Armored
Long eye relief, wide angle.
binoculars GH02-133 Binoculars
7X50, 10X50, 12X50 wide series
Rubber armored, plastic or metal body
Customized color
binoculars GH102-105 Binoculars - economic
7x35, 8x40, 7x50, 10x50, 12x50
Camo color, rubber armored
binoculars LC0717A Binoculars
Roof prism
Fashion and compact design, pocket size,
High optical quality.
Ideal to be used for promotional purpose
LC0821II Binoculars
8X21 Poro prism
Fashion and compact design, pocket size,
light weight. Ideal for outdoor activities
binoculars MH2017 Binoculars
4X30, 5X30
Compact design, low cost.
binoculars MH2031 Binoculars
7X50,10X50, 12X50
Wide angle, long eye relief, large eyepiece
Fashion design, strong body, rubber armored.
binoculars W20840F Binoculars
8x40 water proof
Fashion design, nitrogen filled, strong body, water proof. Ideal for water activities.